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Link Roundup – May, 2019

Link Roundup is a new monthly feature as part of my obsession with helping Boomers adjust to life in our silver years.  Each month I will post a set of links on the final Thursday of the month.  Each posting will be topic driven.

With that, welcome to my first Link Roundup. This month’s subject will be weight related support for the 55+ crowd.

Before I get started, I need to state that this site is not paid for any of these links.  I found them educational and am sharing them with that thought in mind.

I make it no secret that I had bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve).  I am again battling weight gain and need to make some changes. I also know that many of us need to work on weight gain as we get older and doing it alone is the hardest part.  I am hoping that these links may help you find the support that you need.

Groups that Provide Support

Group support in the past has been a great help to me, as long as I stayed with it.

Group Support Meetings

  • TOPS, Taking off Pounds Sensibly.  This link will take you to their main site.  Look up your location for meeting times. Membership is approximately $34, plus chapter fee’s if you are attending meetings. Note: I did join while writing this article.
  • Weight Watchers.  Weight Watchers provides both live meetings and digital options. Digital only costs $3.07 a week. There were no local meetings for my area, so I checked Alaska prices and they were a little over $8 a week.
  • Overeaters Anonymous. 
  •  Although not a specific group for weight loss, has meetings listed for weight loss support.  You can search their site for any meetings near you.
  • Obesity Action Coalition.   Although not as well known as the above groups, the link I am sharing has information about local groups.

Suggestions for Finding Local Groups

  • Your local regional hospital.  Some hospitals hold wellness courses and support groups.  Either call or look up online your local hospital to see if they hold support or educational meeting for healthy eating or weight loss.
  • Local senior center.  If you are 60+ in age, your local senior center may provide support or educational classes specifically designed for those of us in our silver years.
  • Your general physician.  Your physician may have insight to local groups.
  • Your gym.  If you belong to a gym, they may have classes on nutrition and exercise.
  • Your Church.  Many churches provide various classes for well being.  If your church does not have such a class, talk to your pastor and see if you can organize one.

Online Programs

  • Noom.  Claims to offer one on one support, meal planning, digital tools for food logging, etc.  After going through a survey as to my needs and habits, the cost would have been $32.25/month, charged quarterly.  Your plan could have a different price.
  • Nutrisystem.  Provides meals that come via the mail and other support mechanisms.  Cost for a 4-week plan was $269.23 with auto delivery of meals.
  • Jenny Craig.  Provides meals and support, both online, and if available in your area, local support.  Cost for myself would have been over $300 for two weeks of food on auto delivery.
  • Three Fat Chicks on a Diet.  Forum based online support with a lot of free articles and tools.  No readily apparent charges for services.  I have followed this site, periodically, over the past decade or so. 
  • Weightloss Buddy.  Claims to be “100% free, 100% of the time.”  My kind of site.  Lots of articles and digital tools to help you.  Another site I have followed over the years and have used their tools at times.
  • Mayo Clinic.  Online support and articles.  My plan was $4 per week.
  • SparkPeople.  A resource I have used for years off and on.  There are different levels of support, but very effective free tools. 

Senior Specific Information Links

Most of the programs I have listed above include specific plans adjusted for the needs of the 55+ crowd.  Below I am listing articles, not specific plans, to help those of us in our silver years meet our specific nutritional needs.


  • YouTube.   Do a search for exercise, yoga, or meditation videos.  Sometimes a hobby will keep our minds off of food.  Search for your favorite past time. 
  • Facebook Groups.  With so many groups, its impossible to recommend a single one.  Find one that has definite rules on behavior (no rudeness, name calling, etc.) and one that you are comfortable with.
  • Pinterest.  A search for “weight loss support” will provide you with hours of reading.

There are many programs out there.  Be aware not all of those online are legitimate or safe.  Do your homework and only use programs that use proven methods.  I hope this article helps you on your way to losing weight.

What programs have you used in the past?  Any that you would recommend to the readers?  I really want to hear from you below in comments.


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