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Link Roundup – May, 2019

Link Roundup is a new monthly feature as part of my obsession with helping Boomers adjust to life in our silver years.  Each month I will post a set of links on the final Thursday of the month.  Each posting will be topic driven. With that, welcome to my first Link Roundup. This month’s subject …

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Bariatric Surgery, is it Worth it?

Greetings!!  Today’s post is about Bariatric Surgery.   I had vertical gastric sleeve surgery in March 2016 and have lost approximately 70 pounds.  Is it worth it?  For me, yes.  It is a highly personal decision, and one with possible  debilitating  consequences.  One should walk into the surgery with eyes wide open and fully aware of …

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Fast Food, Why is it so Good?

Some of us have a relationship with fast food.  We love it.  We crave it.  It is all around us, on the streets we drive and constantly flashed into our brains with commercials on the TV programs we watch. Science is why we keep coming back. Fast food is specifically manufactured to be addicting so …